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We are currently accepting applications for SEASON 2 here at [community profile] h50land.

In this community, you will be on one of TWO teams: Team H50 or Team SEALs. There will be challenges ranging from graphics, writing, trivia, word games, thinking games and just plain luck. Points will be awarded as we go, and the two teams will compete towards the end of the cycle.

Please Note! We are in no way related to the Hawaii Five-0 landcomm that had previously been on LiveJournal. Your landmod here has had experience with participating in landcomm challenges before and has a great season planned out for everyone and strives to ensure that the first priority is having fun.

If you are interested in joining, please comment with the following information:

* Name:
* Location:
* Teams in order of preference:
* Did any of our members tell you about us?

Members do get points if you mention them! So please do!!

TEAM H50 IS OPEN (current count: **)
TEAM SEALs IS OPEN (current count: **)
*last updated: 7/16/2012 @ 02:34 EDT

I can't promise you will get the teams you request since we want even numbers in the team. If you do not have a preference you can say so. Ultimately, what team you play on has little impact - you play the same game, just with different people. So keep an open mind for which team you wind up on!

IF YOU ABSOLUTELY DO NOT WANT TO BE ON OPEN TEAMS LET ME KNOW! You may have to wait till the teams are more even to be placed on another team. But I will do my best to accommodate everyone.

There are communities corresponding to each team. When you are accepted into a team, I will send you an invite to that team community and this community. Make sure you join it!

You can check your invites here.
Make sure you have e-mail notification on!!

All members will need to accept invitations sent out for their TEAM community ([community profile] team_h50 or [community profile] team_seals), [community profile] h50land (where challenges will be posted in member-locked entries), and [community profile] h50comm (where you can submit your entries for challenges as well as other social posts).


(FYI, Pu'uwai means Heart in Hawaiian)

Please do not attempt to join the communities yourself as your requests will be denied. You will receive your invites within an hour of your sign up entry being replied to by [personal profile] h50landmod.

Date: 2013-02-04 04:22 pm (UTC)
mella68: (Mella68)
From: [personal profile] mella68
* Name: mella68
* Location: Germany
* Teams in order of preference: no preference
* Did any of our members tell you about us? larmay

Date: 2013-02-10 02:04 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] goofythumbs22
* Name: goofythumbs22
* Location: USA
* Teams in order of preference: team h50, team seals
* Did any of our members tell you about us? yes! si_crazy did!


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Hawaii Five-0 Land

H50 Land Details

Welcome to [community profile] h50land, an interactive challenge and social community based on the remake television series of Hawaii Five-0 (2010) on CBS network.

Season 2 Schedule:
Sign Ups - ONGOING
February 2 - approx April 30

Point Status:
Team H50: 0
Team SEALS: 0

SEASON 1 Results:
Team H50: 14444 WINNER!
Team SEALS: 12555

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